Facilities Use Request

Facilities Usage Policy

  1. A request form shall be filled out and signed for each use. Completion of this form does not guarantee use.
  2. Activities shall be restricted to that area for which permission is granted.
  3. The activity shall not extend beyond the hours approved on the request.
  4. The responsible individual in charge of the activity shall be present during the event and will be responsible to the Board of Elders for the building and its contents.
  5. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, and gambling are not permitted anywhere on the church property.
  6. The buildings will not be rented out to for-profit individuals, organizations, or businesses.
  7. The following fee schedule shall apply for facility use.  These fees are subject to change by the Board of Elders, pending special request or arrangements. 

Regular attending members and non-profit organizations (no charge, except for weddings)

Non-attendees of the church will pay the following fees: 

  • Church Auditorium – $120
  • Community Center – $100
  • Wedding – $400 (includes rehearsal, ceremony, wedding planner, and Sound/PowerPoint Technician ($50 deposit required, balance due one month prior to wedding and does not include honorarium for pastor))