Our Church

Who We Are

Welcome to CrossRoads Community Church. My name is Mick Keville and I am the Senior Pastor.

CrossRoads traces its roots to Eastern Hills Bible Church in Manlius where I served as an Associate Pastor. In 1998 CrossRoads was started at which time I became Senior Pastor. Our official affiliation with EHBC ended in December 2003 when we incorporated as a separate church.

As a non-denominational church family we believe in the verbal inspiration of the original writings of the Old and New Testaments, and we believe they are of supreme and final authority for faith and life.

We utilize five key processes in our ministry priorities

  • Worship – Gathering with others to love and honor God with a glad and sincere heart
  • Connect – Creating and investing in authentic relationships with believers and non-believers
  • Grow – Intentionally seeking the Holy Spirit’s power to change us in character and spiritual influence, taking the next best step to   grow in Christ-likeness
  • Tell – Telling the story, and our story of new life in Christ and encouraging others to believe it
  • Serve – Joyfully and lovingly giving ourselves to serve people and glorify God.

Our Mission Statement: “Bringing Christ’s compassion to people at the Crossroads of life” means service to our community as well as our church family.

Through our community outreach efforts we offer those in need a hand-up and not a hand out. Our caring ministry efforts help care for each other from hospital visits, to providing meals, to offering child care, or rides, or simply encouragement of sharing in a prayer.

We have also established relationships in Ghana, Guatemala and Lyons, France, where we send teams of members to both countries to provide financial, spiritual and hands-on assistance (translation: sweat investment) to those in need.

Our Vision Statement: “CrossRoads, a place of joy, discovery, hope and healing, where God is writing His story of transforming grace on the hearts of people and through them, on our community and the world.” defines our view and our focus and how we interact with each other and the community.

We are governed by a Board of Elders who provide oversight and guidance for our ministries and overall operations:

Mike Keville – loganbear21@yahoo.com

Harry Capone – hcapone@crossroadscny.org

Brad Dunford – braddunford97@gmail.com

This is only a sample of all that CrossRoads is, does and offers. Please review the rest of our website to learn more, or call me, I would welcome the chance to meet you.

Mick Keville – mkeville@crossroadscny.org
Senior Pastor